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Contacting Stephen Carrington


My phone number is (770) 971-6093

My email address is stephen (at) stephensguitarlessons (dot) com

Click here to send me an email using your preferred email client.

Please: no calls or texts between 10PM and 9AM! Thank you in advance for honoring that request. All messages prior to 10PM that I am not able to answer will be returned as quickly as possible; usually that means within a few hours, but please be aware that it may sometimes take a day or so for me to respond if I happen to be especially busy when you leave a message or send me an email.

For whatever reason, some text messages seem to not reach me occasionally; if you text me and I don't respond, please call or email me...I certainly won't ignore any contact from a prospective student, so if you haven't heard from me after reaching out to me please know that I probably just didn't get your message. Unfortunately some modern technologies can be unreliable, but you can rest assured that I do want to talk to you about guitar lessons.