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Guitar Lessons by Stephen Carrington

* * As a token of my appreciation, I offer all active and retired US military personnel 15% off--any package, any rate...every time! Thank you, every one of you, SO MUCH for your service, and please know that you are ALL greatly appreciated. * *


--Standard rates for single lessons are $20/half-hour, $30/45-minutes, or $40/hour--but I offer substantial discounts over most all of my competitors' rates with the package rates listed below; all packages assume one lesson per week.

* * *


Happy New Year! Perhaps you got a guitar as a gift recently, and you want to make the most of it. Or maybe you know someone that already has a guitar but never really learned how to play at the level that they want to. Or possibly you have a resolution to dust off that old guitar you've had for a while and you know you could use a little refresher on how to play it. For any guitar lesson-related situations in the new year, I'm offering these special deals:

20% off the regular price
for 10-week packages:
half-hour lessons - only $160
45-minute lessons - only $240
one-hour lessons - only $320

These specials are good for lessons scheduled for Monday-Thursday between 5:00PM and 9:00PM, and as long as the 10th lesson is scheduled on or before 05 May 2016. Package must be prepaid in full to get these prices. These special deals are only available as long as slots on the listed days and times are hurry!! No additional discounts apply.

* * *


Half-Hour Lesson Packages

--4 wks: $76 (5% off)

--6 wks: $110 (8% off)

--8 wks: $144 (10% off)

--12 wks: $205 * A savings of $35! * (15% off)

--20 wks: $320 * A savings of $80! * (20% off)

45-Minute Lesson Packages

--4 wks: $110 (8% off)

--6 wks: $162 (10% off)

--8 wks: $205 (15% off)

--12 wks: $295 *A savings of $65!* (18% off)

--20 wks: $465 *A savings of $135!* (23% off)

One-Hour Lesson Packages

--4 wks: $144 (10% off)

--6 wks: $205 (15% off)

--8 wks: $262 (18% off)

--12 wks: $385 *A savings of $95!* (20% off) A Great Value!

--20 wks: $600 *A savings of $200!* (25% off) The BEST Value!!

View, download, or print a pdf copy of my current guitar lessons rate sheet, which breaks down all the costs you could expect to incur in my lessons program