I've been playing guitar since 1987, and teaching professionally since 2010. I grew up in this area; I attended East Cobb Middle School, and then Wheeler High School. I have played bass, lead and/or rhythm guitar in many bands and musical projects in the metro Atlanta area over the years, in styles ranging from punk rock, to '60s garage rock, to metal, to experimental, to blues, to country, to heavy psychedelic rock, and lots of other genres along the way.

In addition to offering guitar lessons in all styles to all ages and all skill levels, I'm also a freelance audio mastering and mix engineer (via my side gig, Marietta Audio Mastering), and I also offer guitar-specific recording, composition, and performance services. Musically I specialize in rock and blues, but I also teach country, pop, and metal, as well as everything related and in between.

Want to learn even more about me? You can listen to me playing on lots of different tracks on the Sludge Hammer Records site; in fact, I'm playing on pretty much everything posted there (but you definitely want to check out the song "In Misery"...). Some of the recordings on the Sludge Hammer site are from many years ago, and some are from more recent years; on some I'm playing guitar, on some I'm playing bass, and on some I'm even singing. I hope you like the tunes, and I'd love to hear from you if you have any comments after listening.