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"Having picked the guitar back up after almost 20 years, I was hesitant at picking a new teacher. I had forgotten much and had not been more than a beginner back then. I am happy with Stephen as my choice. He is most patient, encouraging and flexible. He has multiple approaches and adapts his teaching to your learning style and speed. His hours work for my schedule. If i have to come straight from work, he allows me to use one of his guitars. i told him i will be unable to travel for lessons for a time in a few months, and we will work around that. What more can one ask for?"
ReubenW on Kudzu
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Michael C.
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Stephen is very knowledgeable and knows multiple genres. If you have something in mind he'll learn it and print out tabs for you. As someone who's been playing for 21 years he still challenges me.

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"Stephen Carrington has improved my understanding of guitar theory and the mechanics of playing resulting in progress as a player that I could never have achieved on my own. He is very patient for a beginner like me, but also has the skills to help more advanced players. His rates are very reasonable, and he is located right in East Cobb, so it can't be more convenient. I would highly recommend him as a guitar teacher."
Steven D. on Nextdoor
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"Stephen is a patient and excellent teacher and great to work with. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a guitar teacher in the area."
Elizabeth C. on Nextdoor
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"I have taken guitar lessons with Stephen thus far, and he's an excellent teacher.

When I started out I could barely hold a guitar, but within the first few weeks I found myself growing ever more comfortable, confident, and competent with my guitar. His emphasis is on practice and precision to help students develop a strong foundation while also learning to be creative and explore with their instrument.

Stephen is a master at meeting student's where they are at in terms of skill, time, and interest. He's flexible with is scheduling. His prices are hard to beat. And he's available to answer your questions even outside of class.

What more could you ask for?"
Daniel G. on Yelp
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"You've been one of the best teachers I've ever had and [I] will highly recommend you to anyone I know!"
Nick -- July 2016
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"My guitar playing has improved ten fold after watching this video a few months back. THANK YOU SO MUCH man"
dvs2751 on YouTube
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"I have given your name to several families that are looking to start lessons. Thank you for all the time you have invested in Ben. He definitely blossomed as a musician!"
Jennifer -- July 2015
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"We have looked for a long time for a good guitar teacher for our 10 year old son. We have found the BEST! Stephen takes the lessons very seriously. He[']s prepared, is very attentive in class, sets new challenges and is fair in price. We highly recommend this guitar teacher."
OritAmir on Kudzu
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"After searching for months all over the city (I live in Stone Mtn.) for someone who could teach me bass guitar in a style of my preference (rock/metal), I stumbled across Stephen, and I am so glad I did! He is patient, encouraging, friendly, and talented. The value of his service far surpasses the price. He tailors his lessons based on your style providing tabs for your favorite songs, as well as warm up exercises. In addition to all of that, he can send you audio AND video files of your (in-studio) lessons to review at your leisure. I would highly recommend his services to children and adults of all ages. (I am 37...if I can do it, so can you!)"
ashesofangels on Kudzu
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"My 10-yr-old son loves taking lessons from Stephen! He looks forward to his lessons and has learned so much about playing the guitar as well as patience and how to work toward goals! :)"
QWSMom on Kudzu
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"Stephen is very patient, a great and knowledgeable teacher - brings just what you need when you need it to every lesson. My son and I both take lessons from Stephen and he customizes the lessons for each of us. Highly recommended."
GATroyDavis on Kudzu
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"Stephen is an excellent teacher. He is very patient, insightful, and skilled. His lesson plans are very well-thought out and his explanations of technique and musical theory are very clear. He is also very prompt when communicating between sessions and he is very understanding as I had trouble making my first two lessons due to traffic and getting lost and he did not charge me for the missed lesson. I have no complaints with my experience and recommend him to everyone. You cannot go wrong with a free one hour lesson which will allow you to see how great of a teacher he is."
10lbterror on Kudzu
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