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Guitar Lessons by Stephen Carrington

* * To show my appreciation, I offer all active and retired US military personnel 15% off—any package, any rate...every time! Thank you, every one of you, SO MUCH for your service, and please know that you are ALL greatly appreciated. * *


Standard rates for lessons are $30 for a half-hour, $40 for 45 minutes, or $50 for an hour—but I offer substantial discounts over most all of my competitors' rates with the package rates listed below; all packages assume one lesson per week (more info about the packages can be found in my FAQ here). These rates and specials all apply to either guitar lessons or ukulele lessons.

* * *


For a limited time, I'm offering all new students a special deal if you book a lessons package at your intro lesson: 15% off any package price! What a deal! This offer is only available on the first package a student purchases, and this deal is ONLY available if you purchase your first lessons package at your introductory lesson.

* * *


It's time to shift gears once again and get back into the school routine! As you are planning your new schedule for the school year, don't forget to include time for guitar lessons—it can add to the "well-roundedness" of your child's upbringing by not only instilling an appreciation for music and other forms of art, but by also reinforcing the notion that devoting time and effort into a task will produce the best possible results. Not to mention the fact that it can help build self-esteem as well (and don't forget: it can be a great diversion for parents, too...or anyone else, for that matter)! So to give you even more incentive to give it a try yourself, I'm offering these deals on 10-week lessons packages:

20% off the regular price
for 10-week packages:
half-hour lessons - only $240
45-minute lessons - only $320
one-hour lessons - only $400

These specials are good for lessons scheduled for Monday-Thursday between 4:30PM and 9:00PM (sorry, these deals aren't applicable for Friday or Saturday lessons!), and as long as the 10th lesson is scheduled on or before 06 February 2020. Packages must be prepaid in full to get package prices. These special deals are only available as long as slots on the listed days and times are hurry!!

* * *


30-Minute Lesson Packages

—4 wks: $110
—6 wks: $160
—8 wks: $200
—12 wks: $290

45-Minute Lesson Packages

—4 wks: $150
—6 wks: $210
—8 wks: $260
—12 wks: $375

60-Minute Lesson Packages

—4 wks: $180
—6 wks: $260
—8 wks: $330
—12 wks: $450

View, download, or print a pdf copy of my current guitar lessons rate sheet, which breaks down all the costs you could expect to incur in my lessons program