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Guitar Lessons by Stephen Carrington



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How long have you been playing guitar?

I've been playing for over 25 years now...actually, all the info you'd probably want to know about me, you'll find on the About Me page.

Why should I choose you instead of one of the many other guitar teachers in the Atlanta area?

There are LOTS of guitar teachers in and around Atlanta...believe me, I know! But you'll find that I am the best deal, and I also offer the most "extras" (like FREE recordings of the lessons)...not to mention that students will learn more under the guidance of an experienced, seasoned musician and teacher like me; I've played hundreds of shows in dozens of cities over more than two decades, and my playing can be heard on scores of songs that have been released on CD, online, on vinyl, and even on cassette. I've got the know-how and the ability to help you learn to play guitar and to have fun doing it. Give me a call to set up your free one-hour introductory lesson, and judge for yourself; you'll be impressed, I guarantee it.

Is the first lesson really free?

I do offer a free, no obligation, one-hour introductory guitar lesson! I make a real effort for you to learn something in the intro lesson, too...but the true benefit is that you can decide if my teaching style and personality are a good fit before you have to make a financial commitment. I've given dozens and dozens of free introductory lessons, and the vast majority of potential students decide to get a lessons package with I am happy to continue to offer this service to all of my potential students.

What can I expect at the free intro lesson?

At the introductory lesson, you'll receive a full hour of real instruction...just like with a paid lesson. I want prospective new students to come away with some new skills even at the intro lesson, and hopefully they'll want to continue with a lesson package. You will also receive a complimentary inspection of your instrument, to identify any problems with the neck, the "action" (which is the distance from the frets on the neck, and from the fretboard, to the strings), the intonation, or most anything else. Sometimes beginners can have serious obstacles in the set-up of their instrument that can hold back their playing, that can be easily adjusted with the proper tools and know-how, but they are difficult to even detect by the novice player; once those issues are addressed through a proper set-up, however, the player's progress can often really take off. I can address most small problems that I find, and I can recommend a luthier for bigger concerns.

What can I expect from the lessons as a paid student?

Once you pay for your first lesson or lesson package, you'll have the option to begin receiving emails containing links to download the audio and/or video files of each lesson (assuming you request them to be sent, and provide a valid email address). These files are provided at no charge, but are for the individual student's practices in between lessons only; read more about the audio and video recordings here. You'll also receive a FREE bumper sticker, and some guitar picks, plus any printed music or exercises we go over in any continuing lessons...not to mention the fantastic instruction you will receive at each and every lesson!

Where is your lessons studio located?

I am located near Wheeler High School and East Cobb Middle School, about 5-10 minutes or so from most of the major roads that are near me: I-75, Powers Ferry, Roswell Road, Johnson Ferry, Lower Roswell Road.

Do you offer lessons on the weekends? What are the days
and times that you offer lessons?

My current lesson days and hours are Monday through Thursday 4:30PM to 9:30PM; however, I can sometimes make an exception if there are extenuating circumstances. Please be aware that sometimes I have a waiting list for specific slots, and occasionally my schedule gets completely full and I have to put all prospective new students on a waiting list; if you have more than one particular slot that you could do your lesson, then the chances are much better that I'll have something that works for you.

Are your packages for "once a week" lessons, and would I have the same slot each week?

Yes, my package rates all assume one lesson per week, in the same slot each week, as that works better for students' retention of the material if they can count on that regularity. But I try to be as accommodating as I can whenever a student has a schedule change, so as long as the change isn't last-minute, we can just postpone a lesson till the next week and you won't lose one out of your package.

If you want to take lessons less often than weekly--or if you cancel or reschedule so frequently it causes issues with my scheduling abilities for my other students--then I can't necessarily hold your preferred slot if another student that can commit to weekly lessons needs it. However, if you are able to maintain dependable weekly lessons, then you can have that slot pretty much as long as you want it.

I've taken lessons before, and the teacher was great...but the day after each lesson, I couldn't remember most of the little details and specifics that we went over during the lesson. What do you do that will help me out with this?

Every lesson is video- and audio-recorded, at no charge; upon request, I will send those to you within a day or so of the end of each lesson. The audio recordings are compact, hi-res mp3 files: easily downloaded, and they sound excellent. The video files are QuickTime movie files, and the camera is trained right on my guitar the whole time; it's (almost) just like being there in the lesson again!

All video and audio lessons will be owned and copyrighted in full and in their entirety solely by me, and licensed indefinitely to the student for their own personal review only. No other use is authorized or permitted. Requesting or accepting an audio or video file of any lesson means you acknowledge and accept these terms.

I want to take lessons before I buy a guitar, to make sure I like it before I spend the money on an instrument. Do you have an extra guitar I could use during the intro lesson?

Yes, I do! Just let me know your circumstances when you contact me about the intro lesson, and I'm sure we'll be fine. I keep an extra guitar here at the studio in case a student arrives at their lesson and then realizes they forgot their guitar; it stays at the studio so that it's always available if any student needs it, so I wouldn't be able to loan it out between lessons...but you are welcome to use it for your intro lesson to see if guitar is something you want to pursue.

Do I have to sign a contract for a lessons package? What if I need to cancel part of the way through a package?

No contracts--you can take as few or as many lessons as you want (even the package deals can be canceled part of the way through, but any discounts from a canceled package deal will be applied to the unused lessons rather than the used/billed lessons).

And no cancellation fees, except under extreme circumstances (but if you don’t show up, or if you contact me to cancel or reschedule within a few hours of the lesson start time, then I reserve the right to deduct it from your package as a missed lesson if I can’t book someone else in that slot); as much notice as you can give is appreciated, though, and please call if you are cancelling within an hour of your lesson.

What if I need to put a lessons package on hold temporarily?

I'll be as flexible as I can be with any schedule changes you need to make, including putting a package on hold temporarily if need be. However, if a reasonable amount of time passes without any contact or response from you once you put a package on hold, I reserve the right to deduct some or all of the remaining lessons (depending on the circumstances) once you resume the lessons package.

Are there any other costs or charges or anything else to buy?

There are no hidden fees--every charge is listed clearly here on this site and will be discussed and confirmed before the lessons begin (click here to view, download, or print a pdf copy of my current guitar lessons rate sheet, which breaks down all the costs you could expect to incur in my lessons program); no sign-up costs; no materials to buy, either...HOWEVER, I highly recommend that you obtain things like a metronome, tuner, music stand, etc., if you do not already have these. I will generally be able to provide them during the lessons when needed, of course, but you should have them for outside practices; I would be glad to point you in the direction of the best value for any of those items, so feel free to ask).

Is it true I get a free lesson if I refer a friend?

Yes, it is; current students that refer a friend (new students only) get a free half-hour lesson when their friend signs up for a package deal of 10 or more lessons! If the friend signs up for a 20-lesson package, you get 2 FREE half-hour lessons (or a free one-hour lesson, whichever you prefer)! Wow!! Just tell them to let me know that you referred them whenever they book their first lesson, and I will add the appropriate lesson(s) to your schedule. This offer only applies to the first package a new student purchases.

Can I bring my or my child's brother/sister/friend to the lesson?

To ensure that every student gets the full benefit of each lesson (and also that they get my full attention), it is studio policy that only the student be present during the lessons--siblings and friends can be an unwelcome distraction that will hinder the student's progress. Also, my guitar lessons are held in a working music studio--my home studio, a small but fully functioning recording and mastering studio--and space and seating are limited. Parents are allowed, of course, if they so choose, but any additional people are not allowed; I appreciate your cooperation with this.

Didn't find the answer to your question? Send me an email or call or text me at (770) 971-6093


** I reserve the right, at any time and without notice, to change, modify, adjust, discontinue, or otherwise alter any aspect of the lessons, including (but not limited to): rates; days and times that lessons are offered; availability of audio or video recordings; any aspect of the introductory lesson offer; etc., and those changes may not be reflected immediately on this site.**